Committee Members

The Accounting Standards Committee maintains contact with FASB, AICPA and other standards-setting organizations and reviews how their actions impact the industry.

Chair: Christine Oliver, Deloitte
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Bramowski, Audacy
Lori Brock, Meredith Local Media Group
Kandra Bryant, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Daniel Cavanaugh, Gray Television
Patrick Cusick, Nexstar Media Group
Lisa D'Angelo, Deloitte
Julien Dancona, Mediacom Communications Corp.
Duane Dobson, Ryan
Denise Dwyer, Morgan Murphy Media
Sarah Fanning, PwC
Jason Gray, Nexstar Media Group
Mark Hoyla, Nexstar Media Group
Neuhy Hubush, Gannett Co.
Dorothy Kolb, dk east associates
Lori Locke, Discovery
Nancy Nocito, Gannett Co.
Wilson Matheson, PwC 
Ana Occhiuzzi, Hearst Television
Kimberly Randolph, Stout
Marie Tedesco, Beasley Media Group
Shane Turner, WarnerMedia
Suzanne Tuxill, Salem Media Group
Tiffany Winslow, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Katy Wolf, Gannett Co.
Jason Word, Trilith Studios
Michael Zima, Gray Media Group
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Media Credit
The Media Credit Committee supports the board of directors of BCCA, and the members of the advisory board of that corporation, as elected in accordance with its bylaws. The committee provides members with education, networking and information sharing opportunities.

Chair: Edward Ienner, Meredith Corp.
Melissa Balderas, WBBM-TV/CBS Corporation
Matt Hartgrove, TEGNA Media/Advertising Customer Services

Justine Jacoby, Audacy
Stanley Kopec, AMC Networks
Ellen Lehr, Audacy
Mary McKenna, NBCUniversal
Kathy McLaughlin, Discovery
Carmen Reyes, WarnerMedia
Tonya Sorrells, Hearst Television
Christopher Sterling, Meredith Corp.
Dee Stevenson, Gray Television Shared Services
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison
Arcelia Pimentel, Staff Liaison

Network, Programming, and Streaming (fka Cable)
The Network, Programming & Streaming (formerly Cable) Committee’s purpose is to promote the interaction and education of financial managers or cable operations and the cable programming communities.

Co-Chair: Kimberly Phillips, The Walt Disney
Co-Chair: Antonella Ricciardi, NBCUniversal
Edwin Belen, Netflix
Jay Bunch, Discovery
Duane Dobson, Ryan
Mary Dzabic, Crown Media Holdings
Brian Ignatowski, Disney Financial Services, LLC
Rose-Linn Jensen, Crown Media
Doug Jost, Symphony MediaAI
Heather Kindberg, Crown Media Family Networks
Greg Lytkowski, WarnerMedia
Randy Neff, Szabo Associates
Aubrey Rinehart, Self Employed
Melissa Rose, MelRose CFO Services LLC
Patrick Schulze, The Walt Disney Company/ESPN
Christopher Sterling, Meredith Corporation
Trey Towery, WarnerMedia
Jason Word, Trilith Studios
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison

The Video Games Committee is a forum hosted by the Media Financial Management Association for issues facing video games industry financial professionals and helps the Association to serve them through education, interaction, and communications. 

Co-Chair: Jenna Hardy, Gearbox Software
Co-Chair: Richard Taub, The Pequan Group
David Boutry, 2K Games
Jerry Calixto, Take-Two Interactive
Ada Chan, Electronic Arts
Barry Charleton, 2K Games
Kerry Coffey, Vulcan Studios
Gonzalo Gonzalez, Electronic Arts
Joe Hanratty, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Matthew Howell, Electronic Arts
Doug Jost, Symphony MediaAI
Kimberly Randolph, Stout 
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Mary Collins, Staff Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison

Internal Audit
Covers issues relevant to media industry internal auditors.

Chair: Kevin Schmitz, Meredith Corporation
Co-Chair: Marcus Anjewierden, Church of the Latter Day Saints
Susan Balk, Hearst Corporation
Elizabeth Cedano, Hearst Corporation

Roger Daw, A.H. Belo
Dennis FitzGerald, Sinclair Broadcasting
Richi George, The E.W. Scripps Company
Christine Kichi, Hearst Corporation
ayme Lustenberg, The E.W. Scripps Company
Shelley Masters, The E. W. Scripps Company
Edward Sawyer, Deseret Management Corporation
Greg Page, Tribune Publishing
William Tobey, Hearst Corporation
Cassandra Triggs, Hearst Corporation
Megan Zamyatin, PBS Distribution
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Interactive & Digital Media
The Interactive & Digital Media Committee provides and educates MFM members with timely information about emerging digital media delivery systems as well as about industry software solutions. 

Chair: Jennifer Hurley, The Washington Post
Deanna Cruz, KOMO/KUNS Sinclair Broadcast Group
Sheila Holland, Sinclair Digital
Sarah Hugen, Sinclair/KATV-TV
Alison Lichtbach, Bonneville International
Mary McKenna, NBC/Universal
Tammy Osborne, ABC-Amega
Christine Pecher, Marketron
Patrick Schulze, The Walt Disney Company
C. Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Membership Marketing, Promotions & Services

The Membership, Marketing, and Promotion/ Member Services Committee promotes MFM membership to television, radio, and cable financial professionals as well as to associate members. This Committee also identifies and develops proposals for strategic alliances with corporate vendors to provide members with quality discounted programs and services, as well as evaluating existing member services and to create opportunities for additional membership value.

Chair: Lori Locke, Discovery
Ralph Bender, Manship Media

Bob Cole, Morgan Murphy Media
Cal Mostella, WarnerMedia
Ryan Laninga, Bonneville
Timothy Pecaro, Bond & Pecaro
Rudy Schatzmann, Altus GTS
Dawn M. Sciarrino, Sciarrino & Shubert PLLC
Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates
Mary Collins, Staff Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison

The Newspaper Committee is a forum for issues facing the newsmedia industry.

Co-Chair: Stephen Hall, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Co-Chair: Michael Lavey, Tribune Publishing
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Jennifer Ellmer, Gannett Co.
Peter Farr, The McClatchy Co
Cynthia Herndon, Tribune Publishing
Patrick Hogue, Szabo Associates
Neuhy Hubush, Gannett Co.
Randi Ordetx, Gannett Co.
Greg Page, Tribune Publishing
Paul Pham, Tribune Publishing
Josh Rinehults, Lee Enterprises
Jeff Samuels, Morris Multimedia, Inc.
John Sanders, Bond & Pecaro Inc.
David Schimmack, Szabo Associates, Inc
Steven Sherman, Rauch-Milliken International
Kent Treadwell, The Oklahoman Media Company
Katy Wolf, Gannett Co.
Brandon Zarzana, The Columbian
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison

The Radio Committee provides a forum for issues facing the radio industry and helps MFM serve that industry through education, instruction, and communications.

Co-Chair: Robert M Cole, Morgan Murphy Broadcast Group
Co-Chair: Suzanne Tuxill, Salem Media Group, Inc.
Dave Bestler, Hubbard Radio
Maureen DeCicco, WithumSmith+Brown, PC
Jasmin Dorismond, Lotus Communications Corp
Kenneth Hadaller, Hubbard Radio Seattle
Janet P Hamm, Hall Communications Inc
Leslie Hamand, Beasley Broadcast Group
Leslie J Hartmann, Entercom Communications
Ryan Laninga, Bonneville International
Hiram Lazar, Compass Media Networks
Alison Lichtbach, Bonneville International
Melissa Mitchell, Bonneville International
Jennifer Parker-Harden, Dick Broadcasting Co. Inc. of Tennessee
Kent Nate, Bonneville International
Andrew M. Rosen, Miller, Kaplan, Arase LLP
John Shearer, Szabo Associates, INC.
Steven J. Sherman, Rauch-Milliken International
Adam Wernke, Emmis Communications
Laur Wilson, Cumulus Media
Michael Wright, Midwest Communications
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison

Tax Advisory
The Tax Committee serves as a watchdog for adverse tax legislation and actions by taxing bodies and analyzes possible impacts of such legislation or actions.

Chair: Sean Hetzler, TEGNA
Co-Chair: Dan McGuire, KPMG
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Jeremy Ford, SWFtax, LLC
Stephen Johnson, Nexstar Media
Louis Lazar, PwC
Cara Lazure, BH Media Group
Kenneth Levine, Reed Smith
Alesia Lewis, Washington Post
Paul Nesterovsky, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Dean Rohrbaugh, Catoctin Ridge Consulting, LLC
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

The Television Committee educates members and the industry about television and cable television programming and technology and provides a forum for issues facing these industries.

Co-Chair: Laura Graves, WLS-TV/ABC
Co-Chair: Glenn Krieg, Morgan Murphy Media
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Tricia Boudreau, Meredith Local Media Group
Len Brandon, Bahakel Communications Ltd
Lori Brock, Meredith Local Media Group
Kevin Chamberlain, Cox Media Group
Lisa Christensen, Nexstar Media Group
Tracy Clark, Hearst Television
Patrick Cusick, Nexstar Media Group
Ken Gladson Meredith Local Media Group
Robbie Gunnells, Evening Post Industries
Paul Kelly, KTRK-TV
John MacMillan, Hearst Television
Janet McHugh, Television Music License Committee
Randy Neff, Szabo Associates, Inc
Melissa Nielson, Bonneville International
Ed O'Connor, ABC Owned Television Stations
Kathleen O'Hare-Stewart, Hubbard Broadcasting
Kimberly Randolph, Stout 
Rick Roberts, Meredith Corporation
Jeff Samuels, Morris Multimedia, Inc.
Steven Sherman, Rauch-Milliken International
Richard Taub, Pequan Group
Alison Young, The E.W. Scripps Company
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison

TFM Editorial Board
The Financial Manager Editorial Board works with the journal’s editor as well as with the other Committees to solicit stories of interest to members, to review articles submitted, and to provide editorial direction for the magazine.

Sally Buckman, Lerman Senter PLLC
Denise Dwyer, Morgan Murphy Media
Greg Lechowski, Bonneville International
Nat McCall, Discovery
Cal Mostella, WarnerMedia
John Sanders, Bond & Pecaro
Meredith S. Senter, Lerman Senter PLLC
C. Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates Inc.
Janet Stilson, TFM Editor
Mary Collins, Board Liason
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison 

Young Professionals Group
The Young Professionals Committee is for members under 35, provides career-oriented individuals with opportunities to develop professionally through networking, career building, and education. 

Co-Chair: Carrie Heffernan, Bonneville International
Joesph Azar, KSBY Communications
Mary De Luna, Crown Media Family Networks
Ryan Laninga, Bonneville International
Kaila Mitchell, WTVD-TV/ABC/Disney
Mike Posta, WarnerMedia
Angel Roman, Beasley Media Group
Kaylee Salasky, Meredith Corporation
Antonio Vesquez, ABC-Amega
Raymond Wolf, Graham Holdings
Mary Collins, Staff Liaison
Mandy Aoieong, Staff Liaison