Committee Members

The Accounting Standards Committee maintains contact with FASB, AICPA and other standards-setting organizations and reviews how their actions impact the industry.

Accounting Standards

Chair: Suzanne Tuxill, Salem Media Group
Matt Askins, Ernst & Young
Daniel Cavanaugh, Gray Television
Maureen DeCicco, WithumSmith + Brown PC
Juan Diaz, WLS-TV/Disney/ABC
Sarah Fanning, PwC
Gina Gin,  PwC
Lori Locke, Gannett Co.
Kimberly Randolph, Stout
Mike Ruggiero, ATV Broadcast LLC
Andrew Standforth, Cumulus
Ana Townsend, Hearst Television
Thomas Twedt,  Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
Michael Zima, Gray Television
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison 
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Media Credit (fka BCCA)
The BCCA Committee supports the board of directors of BCCA, and the members of the advisory board of that corporation, as elected in accordance with its bylaws.

Chair: Edward Mockus, Scripps Networks Interactive
Jim Deak, E. W. Scripps
Pam D’Elia, Cox Reps/Gamut
Felicia Hawkins, Raycom Media
Scott Jenkins, ABC/ESPN/Disney Worldwide Services
Robert Rollins, Raycom Media
Joel Smith, Bonneville 
Tonya Sorrells, Hearst Television
Sherry Spivey, Raycom Media
Dee Stevenson, Gray Television
Alicia Suarez, ION Media
Alison Young, The E. W. Scripps
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison
Arcelia Pimentel, Staff Liaison

The Cable Committee’s purpose is to promote the interaction and education of financial managers or cable operations and the cable programming communities.

Co-Chair: Brenda Soto Saez, Crown Media Holdings
Co-Chair: Brian Ignatowski, Disney Financial Services, LLC
Stuart Benson, Helios & Matheson
Karin Blier, Media Audits International
Chris Chiaraluce, ESPN/Disney Worldwide
Napo Delinia, Cox Media Group
Zoila Duran, Turner
Mary Dzabic, Crown Media Holdings
Jana Fay, C-Span/National Cable Satellite Corporation
Greg Lytkowski, Turner
Kimberly Phillips, ESPN
Antonella Ricciardi, AMC Networks
Aubrey Rinehart, Ovation TV
Patrick Schulze, Disney Worldwide/ESPN
Ken Shelton, Cox Communications
Trey Toweny, Turner
Erika Wenning, The MLB Network, LLC
Ryan Wilson, Aunalytics
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison

Internal Audit
Chair: Kevin Schmitz, Meredith Corporation
Co-Chair: Nicole Johnson, Raycom Media
Tyler Bro, Meredith Corporation
Roger Daw, AH Belo
Dennis Fitzgerald, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Jan Hartsell, Raycom Media
Shelley Masters, The E.W. Scripps Company
Hayley Morgan, Meredith Corporation
Cassandra Triggs, Hearst Corporation
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Interactive & Digital Media
The Interactive & Digital Media Committee provides and educates MFM members with timely information about emerging digital media delivery systems as well as about industry software solutions.

Chair: Shane Turner, Turner
Co-Chair: Patrick Schulze, ESPN/Disney Financial Services
Chris Chiaraluce, ESPN/Disney Financial Services
Ronald Holmes, Jr., DataXu
Juan Diaz, WLS-TV/Disney/ABC
Nick Johnson, WBNS-TV
Kaila Mitchell, KTRK-TV/Disney
Tim Pecaro, Bond & Pecaro, Inc.
Paul Pham, tronc, Inc.
Alex Price, BH Media Group
Kevin Russell, Digital Designs
Chris Shoup, tronc, Inc.
Tim Swift, Bonneville International
Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates Inc.
Ryan Wilson, Aunalytics
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Mark Corcoran, Mandt VR
Napo Delinia, Cox Media Group
Jasmin Dorismond, Lotus Communications
Ronald Holmes, Jr., Hulu
Julie Kaplan, Altus GTS
Mary Collins, Staff Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison

Membership Marketing, Promotions & Services
The Membership, Marketing, and Promotion/ Member Services Committee promotes MFM membership to television, radio and cable financial professionals as well as to associate members. This Committee also identifies and develops proposals for strategic alliances with corporate vendors to provide members with quality discounted programs and services, as well as evaluating existing member services and to create opportunities for additional membership value.

Chair: Jeana Stanley, Hearst Television
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Robert Damon, Damon Strategic Consulting
John Drain, Hearst Television
Jana Fay, National Cable Satellite Corporation
Laura Genette, Graham Media Group
Felicia Hawkins, Raycom Media
Ronald Holmes, Jr., DataXu
Julie Kaplan, Altus GTS
Timothy Pecaro, Bond & Pecaro
Carmen Reyes, Turner
Rudy Schatzmann, Altus GTS
Dawn M. Sciarrino, Sciarrino & Shubert PLLC
Joey Soares, BH Media
Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates
Alison Young, The E.W. Scripps Company
John Zito, Harron Entertainment
Mary Collins, Staff Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison

The Newspaper Committee is a forum for issues facing the newsmedia industry.

Co-Chair: Steve Hall, GateHouse Media Inc.
Co-Chair: Michael Lavey, tronc, Inc.
Robin Ashworth, The Tyler Paper
Cynthia Bailey, The Villages Media Group.
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Todd Bukovich, Swift Communications
Heidi Coffman, The Villages Media Group
Jennifer Ellmer, GateHouse Media Group
Anthony Falls, CNHI
Nick Goodman, Baker Tilly
Michelle Harrington, Schurz Communications
Cynthia Herndon, tronc, Inc.
Jeff Hood, Pioneer Newspapers
Lori Locke, Gannett Co., Inc.
Courtney Martin, American Express
Randi Ordetx, Gannett Co.
Greg Page, tronc, Inc.
Diane Parkinson, Swift Communications
Howard Patterson, Media Consultant
Paul Pham, tronc, Inc.
Duane Poladna, BH Media Group
Josh Rinehults, BH Media Group
Jeff Samuels, Morris Multimedia
John Sanders, Bond & Pecaro
David Schimmack, Szabo Associates
Stephanie Sheperd, The McClatchy Company
Robin Stephenson, tronc. Inc.
Steven Sherman, Rauch Milliken International
Brian Wilkinson, Capital City Press
Brandon Zarzana, Columbian
Robert Zikias, Cox Media Group
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison

The Radio Committee provides a forum for issues facing the radio industry and helps MFM serve that industry through education, instruction, and communications.

Chair: Robert M. Cole, Morgan Murphy Broadcast Group
Maureen DeCicco, Withum Smith & Brown PC
Jasmin Dorismond, Lotus Communications
Kenneth Hadaller, Hubbard Radio Seattle
Leslie Hamand, Beasley Broadcast Group
Janet Hamm, Hall Communications Inc.
Jennifer Parker-Harden, DBC Radio
Leslie Hartmann, Entercom Communications
Nate Kent, Bonneville International
Lynn Krueger, Midwest Communications
Ryan Laninga, Bonneville International
Hiram Lazar, Compass Media Networks
Alison Lichtbach, Bonneville International
Melissa H. Mitchell, Bonneville International
Alison Morris, The E.W. Scripps Company
Clayton Nix, Cox Media Group
Andrew M. Rosen, Miller Kaplan Arase & Co.
John Shearer, Szabo Associates
Steven Sherman, Rauch Millikin International
Suzanne Tuxill, Salem Media Group
Adam Wernke, Emmis Communications
Alison Young, The E.W. Scripps Company
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison

Tax Advisory
The Tax Committee serves as a watchdog for adverse tax legislation and actions by taxing bodies and analyzes possible impacts of such legislation or actions.

Chair: Paul Nesterovsky, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Geoff Christian, CBIZ MHM, LLC
Ted Clark, Crowe Horwath
Jeremy Ford, Silver Williams & Ford LLC
Louis Lazar, PwC
Cara Lazure, BH Media Group
Eugene Levin, Entercom Communications
Kenneth Levine, Reed Smith
John S. McManus, Gannett Broadcasting
Timothy Pecaro, Bond & Pecaro
Keith Piper, Media Consultant
Kimberly Randolph, Stout
Chris Rischan, BDO
Dean Rohrbaugh, Catoctin Ridge Consulting, LLC
Jennifer Schiro, BDO USA
Pat Shanahan, Tribune Media
Raymond Wolf, Graham Holdings
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

The Television Committee educates members and the industry about television and cable television programming and technology and provides a forum for issues facing these industries.

Co-chair: Glenn Krieg, Morgan Murphy Media
Co-chair: Laura Graves, WLS-TV/Disney/ABC
Trisha Allen, Gray Television
Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Lori Brock, Meredith Local Media Group
Nolan Childers, Szabo Associates Inc.
Lisa Christensen, Nexstar Media Group
Tracy Clark, Hearst Television Inc
Chris Dautel, Schurz Communications
Napo Delinia, Cox Media Group
Laura Genette, WKMG-TV
Ken Gladson, Meredith Broadcasting
Paul Kelly, KTRK-TV ABC/Disney
Randy Neff, Szabo Associates
Melissa Nielson, Bonneville International
Ed O’Connor, WTVD-TV
Ron Owens, Evening Post Industries
Shawn Pack, Cox Media Group
Charlene Powell, ION Media Group
Kimberly Randolph, Stout
Sravan Reddy, The E.W. Scripps Company
Robert Riley, Bahakel Communications Ltd
Hilda Rivera, ABC Owned Television Stations
Kevin Russell, Digital Designs
Jeff Samuels, Morris Multimedia
Steven Sherman, Rauch Millikin International
Jeana Stanley, Hearst Television
Alixandra Steier, Global Music Rigths
Richard Taub, Media Audits International
Carrie Wood, Nexstar Media Group
Alison Young, The E.W. Scripps Company
Charlie Warner, Conference Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison

TFM Editorial Board
The Financial Manager Editorial Board works with the journal’s editor as well as with the other Committees to solicit stories of interest to members, to review articles submitted, and to provide editorial direction for the magazine.

Ralph Bender, Manship Media
Laura Graves, WLS-TV/Disney/ABC
Mary Hoffmann, Morgan Murphy Media
John Sanders, Bond & Pecaro
Dawn Sciarrino, Sciarrino & Shubert PLLC
Meredith S. Senter, Lerman Senter PLLC
C. Robin Szabo, Szabo Associates Inc.
Thomas Twedt, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
Janet Stilson, TFM Editor
Jamie Grande, Staff Liaison

Young Professionals Group
The Young Professionals Committee is for members under 35, provides career-oriented individuals with opportunities to develop professionally through networking, career building, and education. 

Co-Chair: Ana Townsend, Hearst Television
Co-Chair: Chris Charaluce, ESPN/Disney Worldwide
Matthew Barlow, Schurz Communications
Kevin Bazal, Cox Media Group
Sarah Bye, Sinclair Broadcast Group
Napo Delinia, Cox Media Group
Ivonne Flores, Turner
Carrie Heffernan, Bonneville Seattle
Omar Hernandez, Cumulus Media
Ronald Holmes, Jr., DataXu
Ashley Kindsvatter, Media Audits International
Erica Lupinski, Media Audits International
Kaila Mitchell, WTVD-TV/Disney/ABC
Moiz Mohammed, Crowe Horwath LLP
Jared Plost, Cox Media Group
Mike Posta, Turner
Sravan Reddy, The E.W. Scripps Company
Brian Seyforth, WLS-TV/Disney/ABC
Kim Shriver, Cox Media Group
Andrew Stanforth, Cumulus Media
Mary Collins, Staff Liaison
Olivia Benish, Staff Liaison
Brendan Doyle, Staff Liaison