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TFM File Specifications

Electronic files accepted

Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

Mac-based files preferred

For PC-based files:

Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files – convert all fonts to outlines


Supply all Screen and Printer Fonts used in File

Each screen font requires the corresponding printer font in 

order to print correctly. Do not "stylize" fonts unless the 

corresponding printer fonts are included.


Supply all placed images used in the file

Effective resolution should be 250-350 dpi on EPS files and 600-1200 dpi on Line Art files. Art needs to be saved as CMYK. RGB or Index Color files will print incorrectly.


Specify duotones to print as process color.


Do not save files containing alpha channels

(i.e. extra channels for masks): images should be flattened and not contain any extra layers.

Remove LZW compression on images.

Clipping paths should be saved with a flatness of 5.

Heavy coverage of black should be a rich black.

Values: 40 Cyn; 20 Magenta; 20 Yellow; 100 Black.


Supply a color/b&w laser or digital proof of your file


FTP files which are larger than 2 MB to:

If you are using a software program such as Transmit, Fetch, etc., use the following site address:
User ID: bcfm
Password: RECe5ria

If you are using a browser URL such as Safari, Firefox, etc., use the following site address:
Note the "s" in https:
User ID: bcfm
Password: RECe5ria

Email files which are 2 MB or smaller to

Once you have ftp'd your document(s) please send an email to and